Write One Page Per Day – 2/365 – January 2, 2018

The rain outside fell in stunning ferocity. Jade had never seen rain like this in her life. She watched as the water pooled first on the street, then steadily overtaking the curb, her yard. It was unstoppable. There were men in the streets placing sandbags trying to divert the water, but the torrent was too much for the sewer to handle. 

When the water started flooding through the windows in the basement, she had panicked. The water heater, furnace, and all of her childhood memorabilia were down there. She waded through the eight inches or so of water to get the things stacked on the shelves it of there and promptly moved them to the attic. Her next thought was of the roof. The wind was howling and she knew that hurricanes could remove roofs given the right conditions.

Thankfully, while she was in the attic she saw the totes that stored the various holiday decorations and promptly dumped them on the floor to put her keepsakes away safe from the storm. The building was shaking slightly when she put the lid on the last tote and when she moved down the stairs to get back to the ground floor she saw that water had flooded right to the ceiling of the first floor.

Again, panic flooded through her. She ran to the window in her bedroom and looked out to see that what once was her neighborhood was now a giant river. The Mississippi now extended well past her house. Moving to the other side of the house to look out that window she saw that there were boats coming by. She tried to open the window, but it refused to budge. She began pounding on the glass trying to get their attention, but the couldn’t hear her over the sounds of the storm outside. That rain hitting the glass would also prove difficult for them to see her.

Thinking as quickly as she could as the water rose suddenly to cover her ankles she picked up a chair and hit the window with everything she had in her. It exploded inward from the wind outside and she narrowly avoided the glass getting in her eyes. She ran to the window and began screaming for help, but the boat was nowhere to be seen. She looked around and seeing her only option as getting on the roof she stood on the sill trying to reach the edge.
The water was still rising, but she was too short to reach the edge of the roof. She stood there on the sill of the window among the shards of glass protruding from the edges, waiting for either the boat to return of the water to rose enough to allow her to attempt a desperate attempt to reach the roof swimming.

>When the water had just reached to the top of the window casing when the air pressure left in the house blasted her from the window sending her into the muddy water. She swam frantically, trying to reach the roof but the current was too swift and she missed the edge by only a few inches. She screamed as she swam harder to reach the next house but the current moved her away one again as it diverted around the structure.

She swam until her arms hurt and her breathing became labored. Then the current dragged her under. There was nothing she could do about it, trying in vain to return to the surface. She hit something and felt a sharp pain travel through her leg. She would have screamed again if not for the fact that she was trying to keep what little sore she had in her lungs. Just as her breath ran out she felt something grip her shoulder and pull her hard.

“You’re safe now.” was all she remembers hearing before she passed out from exhaustion.

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