Write One Page Per Day – 3/365 – January 3, 2018

“Did you hear about the Brits?” Jack asked Henry while sitting in the pub.
“I heard that they had some rogue magicians running all over London causing damage. That was about it.” Henry replied flatly.
“It was more than that!” Jack said excitedly. “A merchant down at the docks said that a few magicians were actually foolish enough to summon demons within them. Can you believe it? The demons destroyed them and the entire Council was obliterated along with them!”
“I don’t believe it. It has got to be some tall tales people are spreading.” Henry replied looking up from his drink interested.
“Magicians are cold hearted and calculated, especially the Brits magicians.” Jack said. “They probably got too greedy trying to get more power. They are even saying that some Council member blew himself up with Gladstone’s Staff.”
“I wonder if they are going to be withdrawing from here soon. With no head on their government they can’t possibly think they will continue to fight the war here.” Henry said.
“One could almost hope.” Jack replied noticing a stranger enter the pub. “It’s not exactly like they’ve been winning here anyway.”
Henry at first nodded slowly then his eyes caught sight of the stranger. He seemed oddly placed in the small pub in Portsmouth. Even as large of a city as it was neither Henry nor Jack had ever seen anyone quite like him. It was as if the stranger darkened the room just by his presence. The hat he wore cast dark shadows against his face making it impossible to make out. That combined with the large trench coat he wore made it even more difficult to discern his intentions.
It seemed like an eternity the pair sat watching him before he moved. When the figure finally moved, it was only to lift his arm which revealed a pale hand that extended forward. Without warning the room was lit by a white light and everything went dark for Jack as he lost consciousness.

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