Write One Page Per Day – 4/365 – January 4, 2018

Inspired by the world that Garth Nix created in his Old-Kingdom Series (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen, Goldenhand, Clariel) You should check them out! they are amazing!

The free-magic creature slashed wildly at me, making the air burn in my nose. I ducked it as best I could and reached for Saraneth and Kibeth, my hands seemed to have gone to them of their own accord, and given the situation, I had little time to choose differently. I drew the Binder and the Walker, using the techniques I had learned during my training to try to control the pair, though it felt odd to wield the bells at all. I had never thought I would be fighting a free-magic creature, let alone winning against one.
“You don’t know what you’ve done!” The creature bellowed as it was driven into death, where if everything had gone well, it would not return.
“I’ve done what was necessary.” I replied, knowing that it was unable to hear me now. I would’ve followed it into the river, but there was other work to be done.
The strength of the creature was as such that I hoped I could handle the free-magic sorcerer that had bound it. My training told me to seek out reinforcements as the guards had been slain, but I was all that stood between the evil and I searched the warehouse, looking for the sorcerer that had bound the creature. I made good progress, as well as could be expected in an overstuffed warehouse.
I continued my search, still feeling the familiar burn of free magic in the air. My Charter Mark was burning as well. Then I heard the tinkling of a bell, sounding soft and friendly. It was too late, the magic in the sound already had its claws in me by the time I realized it was Ranna, the Sleeper. I resisted as best I could, reaching for Mosrael, to counteract the effect, but my arm wouldn’t move. The damage was done as I lay on the floor, eyelids so heavy I could barely keep them open, and barely saw the legs of the sorcerer approaching when my eyes closed. This is how it ends, I thought.

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