Write One Page Per Day – 5/365 – January 5, 2018

“Charlie, where’s the diaper bag?” Mary yelled from the upstairs bedroom.
“It’s under Emma’s crib!” He yelled back, looking to the little girl who sat playing with the food in her highchair. “What do you think, Emma, are you excited to see Grandma today?”
As though in response, Emma slammed her hands on the small bowl of ham and peas baby food that sat in front of her, effectively sending it flying through the air where it landed on Charlie’s favorite shirt. He jumped up suddenly and ran to the sink. He tore off his favorite shirt and put it straight into the dishwater.
“I will end you for this!” He said jokingly as Mary entered the kitchen.
“You know the perils of raising a child. It’s a wonder that you insist on wearing that shirt. You know that pretty much everything a baby could get on it will stain it.” Mary said as she pulled Emma from the highchair and proceeded to clean her up. “Now leave the shirt there. Your mother is expecting us soon.”
“I know, Mary.” Charlie responded pulling the now sopping shirt from the water. “I’ll go grab a new shirt. Don’t forget, it’s only been a week since dad passed. We shouldn’t bring it up. It made her so sad last time.”
“Charlie.” Mary said, giving him the look that said everything it needed to say. He went immediately upstairs for a new shirt.

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