Write One Page Per Day – 8/365 – January 8, 2018

The sun was coming up and Sam could feel it. Everything in his body was screaming to get to shelter, but he knew he had heard a noise in his house. He walked through the mud room and grabbed a large wrench from the tool chest. He wasn’t about to get killed by someone hoping to make their mark as a vampire hunter.

Sam stepped into the kitchen, holding the wrench at the ready, and found that someone was going through his fridge.

“Hello?” Sam said, the fear clear in his voice.

A head popped around the door to reveal the smiling, childlike, face of a young boy staring back at him.

“Whoopsidaisy, I didn’t think anyone had claimed this place yet.” The innocent voice matched the face. “I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“Well, you are intruding.” Sam said, trying to sound scary but failing miserably to do so.

“You’re not much of a vampire, are you?” He asked. “What’d’ya need the wrench for, can’t you just use your super-strength to break me in half or something?”

“Please, just leave my home.” Sam replied tensing, “I’d appreciate it greatly. I don’t want trouble. Take what food you have and just leave.”

“Alright, alright!” he replied. “Are you sure you don’t want me to hang out and watch over you while you sleep?”

“Get out!” Sam shouted, suddenly feeling very exposed. Dawn was only a few seconds away, and the sun would reach him where he stood.

The boy ran from the house quickly. Sam took the few seconds to secure the door and then bolted toward the basement. There was nothing he could do as the sun’s rays began to iluminate the house. It hurt so much more than he had been warned. The tiniest amount of sunlight touched his skin and it felt as though someone had held a soldering iron to his arm.

Once safely behind the basement door, Sam secured that one as well, realized he was still holding the wrench and set it down on the top step. He proceeded down the stairs and through the maze of rooms that made up his below ground shelter from the sun.

“This is very cozy!” he heard from behind him as he entered the room in which his coffin was located.

Sam spun to see the same boy standing in the doorway. He felt an odd mix of fear and amazment at the boy being there, and being completely unafraid.

“Why are you here?” Sam asked, curious now, but feeling better having escaped the sun’s reach finally.

“I’m trying to find a safe place as well.” He said, “The name’s Baron, by the way. I’ll be crashing here today.”



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