Write One Page Per Day – 9/365 – January 9, 2018

Alice held the letter in her shaking hand, afraid to open it. It was from Thomas, her boyfriend. He had left it on his pillow at some point in the night, and had left, leaving her alone in the morning. She knew that the stress of life had been overwhelming her lately, and she had been unreasonable as a result. Snapping at him for the most trivial of things. She knew that he was trying his hardest to save money and find work at the same time.

Unable to bear the tension any longer, She tore the envelope open and read the short letter. The pit in her stomach lifted as she read. He had gone to work, he hadn’t even told her he had found a job yet. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the reality of financial security clicked into her mind. She didn’t have to worry about paying the rent at the end of the month.


My dearest Alice,

I’m sorry to leave this note on the pillow, but I received a call about a job last night. I wanted to wake you, but you looked so peaceful. I know you’ve been stressed out lately, and you need your rest. Remember to breathe today! 

The job pays each day I work at the end of the day. It’s not a small amount either. I am so excited to tell you about it tonight when I get home. You are an amazing woman. Make sure you relax today, and I’ll bring home dinner for us both.

I love you,



She set the letter on the bed and planted herself face down in a pillow and just let the tears come. She had held them back for so long that the crying needed to come now. The stress melted away over the next few minutes, knowing that even though the next few weeks would be tight, there was light at the end of the tunnel. They would be okay.



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