Dark Fog

I sat, shackled in the back of a police wagon, listening to the rain fall on the steel exterior. The cops standing guard outside were chattering along themselves in muffled, barely audible voices as I waited for anyone to come retrieve me from this metal box. The rain sounded like percussive music as it lightly fell on the wagon. However, only the faithful, such as I, could hear the message hidden in the rhythm.

If there were light coming through the barred windows on the sides of the wagon, and someone paying attention to the captive inside, they would have seen the wicked smile spread across my face as the rain stopped. The world became dark outside and silence fell through the ranks of the guards. I felt it coming, the darkness, blanketing the entire city in the blind, deaf, and numb fog. I began laughing uncontrollably as I heard the guards outside begin to notice the fog advancing toward them.

“Quiet in there!” One of the guards yelled through a window as he banned on the side.

The laughter was all encompassing. I could not help but see the amusement in the amount of work it took for the police to catch me, only to have the darkness come, taking them into its black ever flowing form, and release me. The doors to the wagon opened and the guard entered with his beating stick ready as he approached. Even expecting the hit to my ribs it threatened to pull the air from my lungs as the bones cracked under the stress. Unable to control the laughter, it became louder and the guard raised the stick again, but paused when he saw out the window above me.

“What the Hell is that?” He said as a scream called out and was abruptly interrupted.

“It’s the darkness. It’s coming to free me,” I replied through my laughter, “and claim your soul.”

“No! The darkness isn’t real!” The guard cried as he bowled over backwards it of the wagon.

I watched as he scrambled backwards, but the fog overtook him and he too screamed as my laughter continued. I saw the fog slowly coil its tendrils around him and break him apart before dissolving him completely. The tendrils then wistfully entered the wagon, touched my shackles, and receded as they fell away. I stood and exited out into the fog completely unafraid. The darkness was loyal to me now.

“Get the rest of them.” I said flatly as the dark must swirled around me.

It responded instantly, flowing away from me and into the prison seeking out the others who were loyal to me. Those that once commanded both the darkness and myself would pay for their betrayal. Then the world would pay for thriving in its godless existence.

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