Write One Page Per Day – 15/365 – January 15, 2018

Continued from January 14, 2018

I waited patiently for a moment while he collected his thoughts. I couldn’t stop looking for the things that I knew in my young son. They were all there. Every tick, every scar, and every insecurity. He seemed more intelligent and wise, but both came with age, and based on the way he looked, he had been through a lot.

“A few weeks from now is where my story begins. Though admittedly, my story doesn’t have the same twists and turns as yours does now. My timeline didn’t have a trip to montana, or a crazy old man talking with my father. In my story, our vacation was in Virginia. We went to Washington D.C. and took in all the sights. You and mom were happily in love, and Anna and I were fighting, quietly so we didn’t get in trouble.

“We finished our trip and returned home, starting school the following Monday, and life went on. We went to school, mom went to work, and you stayed home and worked on everything you could to support us. (Thank you by the way, I never got a chance to thank you before today.) A few weeks after vacation is when it happened. There were a series of noises coming from the sky that no one could explain. They sounded like sonic booms, but would happen in repeating patterns.

“On February 18th everything changed. I remember it well. We were playing in the yard, being Sunday. Anna and I were arguing over who was going to hide and who was going to seek. You were out in the yard playing peace keeper, and mom was busy in the house cleaning. There was a sudden flash of light over the city. It was blinding. Then came the sound and the shockwave. It was as if the world had exploded.

“Mom came out of the house screaming that we had to leave. We were all so scared as we piled into the car and moved west away from the city. Everything was still bright, we could hardly see looking out the windows. We could see shafts of light descending from the sky as far as we could see. When Anna and I said we were scared Mom tried to put on the radio, but there was nothing. No signals made it out of the cities.

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