Write One Page Per Day – 17/365 – January 17, 2018

Continued from January 16, 2018

“It was a small group of people, hearing us cry wedged under the overpass, comprised of two married couples and five children between them. They were nice and took us with them to keep us safe. Two days later the lights left and the world was empty. There just weren’t people around, occasionally we would run into another small group, but it seemed as though the light had taken everyone.

“We traveled for almost a year, looking for a place to call home, until we got to Weeksville. Everyone in the town was there. No one had gone missing, and everything worked here. It was as if the lights had ignored this tiny town entirely. Life just went on for these people.

“I grew up not far from this lodge at the coordinates I left for you. My sister fell in live and got married to a local when she was 22. I never have up hope that I would find you. So I set out to look for you on my own. I told Anna I’d be back as soon as possible, but when I was back in Atlanta, looking at the old house the lights returned.

“This time I had nowhere to hide from them. They brought me up into the light, and-”

He stopped talking. I sat for a moment listening to his words, taking everything in, trying my best to imagine what had happened to my children. I was totally convinced now that this was my son. I reached out to pull him close to me as he teared up. His and wrapped around me and held me tight. Whatever had happened to him when the light took him was too much for him to share.

“It’s alright, son.” I said quietly working the back of his head on my shoulder, “I’m here now, everything will be alright. You don’t have to tell me anything else.”

“No,” he said, pulling away from me and composing himself again, “I need to say it. There were six of us that were picked up. Six. They tested us against each other in odd ways. Eventually, one by one, I was the only one left. 

“They moved me to a room with silver walls. Not steel, but actually silver, it was cold and foreign. I don’t know how long they kept me in there, but eventually the door to the room opened. No one came through, it just stayed open. I left the room and wandered around. There was no one and nothing anywhere I went. All the doors were open, but I couldn’t find the other five anywhere.

“Eventually, after a lot of searching, I found a round room in the middle of whatever it was, and at the center of that was a floating orb that looked like mercury. I stared at it for awhile, unable to figure out what it was supposed to be. I decided after a time to touch it. It was the only thing really for me to interact with in that place. 

“As soon as my finger made contact with the surface, it washed over me and I felt as though I was suffocating for an instant. Then everything was black. I was sure I had died, but I could feel my lungs pulling air and my heart racing in my chest.

Read more tomorrow…

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