Write One Page Per Day – 18/365 – January 18, 2018

Continued from January 17, 2018

“After a moment there was a light again. This time, there were people there. Lots of people. They were standing there in lines in front of me. I knew, somehow, that they were just watching me. Waiting for me to do something. Then they came. They asked me why I hadn’t left before. I told them about my family and the life that I wanted, needed, to have with them.

“They listened as I told them my story, our story as a family, and my hopes for the future that were ripped away from the light taking people that didn’t deserve to be taken. They told me that I could have a chance to fix it, if I were willing to take the risk. While I would not be able to change my timeline, I could create a new one that would save the family.

“I told them that I would do whatever it took to fix it and change things for the better. They told me that all I had to do was go to a point in time, and lead you all to Weeksville. Apparently this small town in the mountains was where they were allowing people to remain and change things for the better if they were deemed worthy.

“I agreed and they delivered me back to Palmetto and left me there, but things were different. There were all these old cars everywhere, and everyone dressed weird. It turned out, upon seeming like the village crazy person that I had been delivered to 1982. A point in time well before I was born. I wrote the note and put it in a small plastic container, then buried it on the edge of the property where I knew Brute would be buried.”

He stopped talking again and looked distant as his eyes looked out the window. I hadn’t realized everything that he would have had to go through to make it to this point, but in that moment I understood completely. He gave up his sister, and an entire life, to make sure that Elizabeth and I stayed with them this time. All it would take is to keep Elizabeth and the kids up here past the date on the note.

Read More January 19, 2018

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