Writing Practices

I find that certain music helps, or distracts from, the writing process. I can frame thoughts and posts while listening to practically anything, but to write fiction is an entirely different story.

Does anyone else have this happen as well?

When it comes to writing fiction, I almost feel like I need an isolation chamber with extreme noise reduction. I need to dive head first into the scenes I’m writing about and experience them first hand. It seems odd to disappear into “the theater of the mind,” but I have noticed since I have learned to put on my figurative blinders I have made leaps and strides in not only the speed of my writing, but also the quality of it.

What are some of the odd things you do while your writing? Do you have to light incense or put on some low classical music? Do you need to have your writing space totally clear, or can you write in the middle of a football game when someone scores?

Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments. Maybe we can inspire each other to better writing practices and become better writers as a result!

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