Write One Page Per Day – 20/365 – January 20, 2018

The fog flowed across the lake with the wind. The sound of wind chimes could be heard from every bank as the dingy rowed slowly to the center of the body of water. Sam had a plan but he needed to make sure that everything was perfect. If it wasn’t, everything would fall apart and the soul of Eliza, his wife, would be gone forever.

He reached the center of the lake just as the church tower on the western back began ringing loudly that midnight had arrived. Sam reached into his backpack for the hide pouch of magical herbs and quickly the it overboard. All he could do now was wait for the boat man to arrive.

Nearly ten agonizingly long minutes passed before he finally saw the silent form of the boat gliding across the water. Sam swallowed hard but it became stuck in his throat as the visage of the skeleton on the keel became apparent in the dim light shed by his lantern.

“Why have you called me here mortal?” The boat man asked. Sam felt bile rise up in his throat when he saw that there was no flesh on his face.

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