Write One Page Per Day – 23/365 – January 23, 2018

Continued from January 22, 2018

“Goblin War!” Durin shouted at the top of his tiny lungs.

“We always play Goblin War though.” Jack replied, “Can’t we chase squirells instead?”

“How about we play attack on humanity!” Durin said as he flew at full speed into Jack’s chest, bounced off and landed head first in the mud.

“You’re so silly.” Jack said plucking the mud-covered fairy from the pile. “Alright, we can play Goblin War.”

“GOBLIN WAR!” Durin exploded, sending mud flying in Jack’s face.

Durin started growing, at first slowly, his wings shrank into his back as his skin began to turn a blue-green color. His teeth became gnarled and protruded from his mouth. His arms became too long for his body and his legs became stumpy and short. His nose even grew to a stunning length, hanging off the front of his face like a warped branch.

“Puny human!” Durin said, impersonating a goblin as best he could, picking up a handful of mud. Even goblin sized he was still a head short than Jack.

“Filthy goblin!” Jack yelled as he picked up a stick and held it at the ready. “You’ll not eat my parents today!”

Durin grabbed a stick as well and they began sword fighting with them. At first, Jack had the advantage, he swung mercilessly, as Durin had taught him, to drive the ‘goblin’ back down the bank. The lessons he had received from the fairy, however few, made him a much better ‘swordsman’ than he thought.

After a moment, Durin began to gain footing and stopped moving backward. Using his superior techniques he began to push Jack back up the bank. Neither of them saw the hole open behind Jack as Durin thrust with his stick for the ‘killing’ blow. He tripped over a tree root and fell backward into the hole, sliding through a slimy tunnel as the light became more sparse.

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