Write One Page Per Day – 24/365 – January 24, 2018

Continued from January 23, 2018

The slime that coated the tunnel made for a very fast descent as Jack gained speed rapidly. When the tunnel leveled out he slid halfway across a very large cavern coming to a stop splayed out on his back. From where he lay, staring at the ceiling, he could see dim light coming from a fungus above him. The poorly lit conditions did not stop him from seeing the movement of tiny creatures scurrying around on roots that hung from the ceiling.

Jack rolled over to get up but found himself face to face with another small creature that had dark skin, bright eyes, and very pointy teeth. He jumped to stand up and backed away from it. When his back touched the wall, some dirt fell from above making him look up. There were more of them, at least a dozen he could see, that were making their way down the wall toward him.

“Welcome to my kingdom, Jack.” The first small creature said as Jack moved away from the wall.

“Where am I? Who are you?” Jack asked, “Where’s Durin?”

“I am Bomkot, king of the goblins. You are in our kingdom now and, unfortunately for Durin, he is far above us, unable to join you.” Bomkot replied putting his hands behind his back.

“I want to go home.” Jack said firmly, “You can’t keep me here.”

“Oh, but I can keep you here, Jack. You see, goblins have had a rather hard time lately getting the things we need. We are simple creatures with very basic needs.” He replied, walking with his long arms behind his back. “The fairies would have you believe we are dangerous and evil, but you should know better. Goblins are everyone’s friend! We like to play and have fun, just like everyone else.”

“Durin told me that goblins are greedy and destroy everything they touch.” Jack replied as four goblins finished their descent and came up close to him.

“Durin would tell you those things about us, but if you come for a short walk with me I can show you a world you’ve never imagined. The Underplace is a wonderfully fun place to be.” Bomkot said as the four goblins began poking Jack and prodding him with their long fingers, “If you refuse to walk with me, my subjects will carry you, but I think we would both prefer if they kept their hands off you.”

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