Write One Page Per Day – 25/365 – January 25, 2018

Continued from January 24, 2018

“O-okay.” Jack replied walking away from the goblins surrounding him.

Jack followed Bomkot through an opening that led to a low tunnel in which he nearly had to crawl just to make progress, but the goblin king was slow in his progress, giving Jack the time he needed to keep up. At the far end of the tunnel it was bright. After only a short distance the tunnel opened to reveal a larger cavern even than the one previous.

Jack couldn’t believe his eyes as he stood up straight at the end. There were goblins everywhere he could see, working furiously on copper and leather inventions that seemed to serve some purpose that was beyond him. The light was coming from high above him from a huge glass globe that seemed to have a constantly burning fire within it.

“That’s the alchemist’s fire.” Bomkot said upon seeing Jack’s fascination with the light source. He sounded amused and cheery for the first time since Jack had met him. “We acquired that wonderful creation many hundreds of years ago when alchemists were more common and we traveled the surface.”

“It’s beautiful!” Jack said, “It looks like the fire is alive in there.”

“It’s certainly a curious thing, but let me show you some of the things we goblins can build and create.” Bomkot said, taking Jack’s hand very gently.

Bomkot led Jack down a narrow wood ramp that led to the base of the cavern. Amid the thin streets and stalls that housed all manner of goblin from the tall and thin to the short and stumpy he found a small door made of a dark wood and knocked on it. The door opened to reveal a short goblin with comparably short arms, but its legs were unusually long, stopping only a few inches beneath its chin.

“This is Morpe. Our most reputable engineer.” Bomkot said, “Good morning, Morpe.”

“Good morning, our highness!” Morpe said bowing unbelievably low given where his waist sat on his body. Jack thought for sure that he would fall over. “What brings you and your very large guest to my humble workshop?”

“I have brought this human, Jack, here today to better educate him on the goblin way of life.” Bomkot replied, “I would like you to show him some of your inventions.”

“Of course, our liege!” Morpe replied moving out of the doorway sweeping his short arm awkwardly across himself to invite them in.

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