Write One Page Per Day – 26/365 – January 26, 2018

Continued from January 25, 2018

“Don’t you mean my liege?” Jack corrected.

“Why would he be just my liege?” Morpe replied. “He is all of our liege. To say he is my liege would be to insult the rest of the goblins in the kingdom, silly human. Now follow me, and don’t touch anything unless you want to die.”

Jack nodded in understanding and followed Morpe through his workshop. Everything he saw was a collection of pipes, gears, and leather, with various powers and liquids in odd-shaped bottles on nearly every surface. The goblin led him through a series of small rooms while mumbling so quietly that Jack couldn’t hear him.

“You need to speak up, Morpe!” Bomkot called from behind Jack.

Jack turned to look at the goblin king to see him pick up something from one of the many workbenches only to have it fall apart with a loud clatter the second he had it close enough to look at. Jack giggled when Bomkot’s face showed surprise and a little guilt as he set the tiny piece that remained in his hand back on the nearest workbench.

“This room is for innovation!” Morpe said, reacting to the kings request for him to be louder. “In here is where I developed and tested my goblin sling-shot among other things.”

“Goblin sling-shot?” Jack repeated, “Sling shots already exist though.”

“Yes, but not like the goblin sling-shot!” Morpe replied as he moved over to a rickety looking object that was as tall as him with large rubber bands between two poles. Attached to the sling was a hook and chain attached to a crank mechanism. “Behold, the wonder of goblin innovation!”

“How’s it work?” Jack asked.

“Allow me to demonstrate.” Morpe replied climbing into the sling. “You turn this crack here, and it pulls the sling back, when it gets far enough back, the goblin is then launched from the device.”

Bomkot was already turning the crank for Morpe when Jack realized that he was standing in front of the sling. He side stepped just as the mechanism released the tension sending Morpe flying through his workshop in a loud clatter of wood and metal. Laughter erupted from Jack’s lips before he could stop it.

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