Write One Page Per Day – 27/365 – January 27, 2018

Continued from January 26, 2018

Morpe flew to the far side of the workshop where he slammed into a large pile of parts. The resulting cascade of metal, wood, and gears slid out nearly halfway across the room, completely covering the goblin inventor. Jack’s laughter spread to Bomkot as Morpe began clawing his way out of the pile.

Morpe limped out of the pile, not due to injury, but due to a copper pipe that had become stuck on his left leg. He spit tiny gears out of his mouth and pulled bits of string and leather from off his ears and nose. The whole time he was grumbling about something under his breath.

Jack had assumed that Morpe was complaining about the pipe on his leg, or the fact that he had just been launched across the room by the goblin sling shot, but as he got closer it became evident that he was not complaining about either of those things.

“Silly pile of junk.” He griped, “Never stays piled they way I leave it. It should be able to take a direct hit from a goblin and not litter its way across the workshop.”

“I can help clean up the mess.” Jack offered.

“That won’t be necessary.” Morpe replied with a smile before suddenly bellowing, “LORT! VONK! GET OUT HERE, NOW!”

Jack nearly fell over from the sudden volume change that came from the tiny creature in front of him. Less than a second later two very tiny goblins came careening around the corner, shoving one another, and dove head first into the pile of that covered half the workshop.

“Wonderful! You two clean that up!” Morpe said into the pile to which two thumbs up rose from inside the pile for a brief moment before disappearing back into the pile. “Alright then, on to the next?”

“Lead the way.” Bomkot replied, motioning for Morpe to pass him, which he did without removing the pipe from his leg.

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