Write One Page Per Day – 28/365 – January 28, 2018

Continued from January 27, 2018

Jack watched as Bomkot and Morpe left the room. As tempting as it was to see more of Morpe’s workshop, the two goblins currently ‘swimming’ in the pile of junk was more interesting. He stole himself away and approached Lort and Vonk cautiously. He could see where the junk was surging from their movements underneath the pile.

“Hello?” He called into the pile.

“Wha’d’ya want?” He heard called back through the pile as they continued moving.

“How do you do that?” Jack asked.

“How do we do what, clean up? We move one piece at a time, I don’t know how you humans clean up.”

“No, how do you move so quickly through all that junk?” Jack asked.

Two heads suddenly popped out of the junk, very close to where Jack was standing. They looked at each other, shrugged, and then disappeared back into the pile. It began shifting back toward the wall, picking up pace as each second passed. When enough of the pile had moved so Jack could see the goblins, he saw that they were picking up each individual piece as they moved and launching it through the rest of the pile. Once it was back up against the wall both goblins stopped working and turned to face him.

“Like that.” The first one said. He had a printed letter ‘L’ on his sleeve. Jack assumed it meant Lort.

“That is very impressive. More impressive than the things that Morpe has shown me. Could you show me more?” Jack asked, taking a step toward them.

“What you think, Lort?” Vork asked, confirming his theory.

“King brough the human down here for something, and not eating mind you.” Lort replied, “What could it hurt?”

“Alright then.” Vonk said, “If you follow us, we’ll show you what real goblins do, not only the things the king wants to show you.”

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