Write One Page Per Day – 32/365 – February 1, 2018

Continued from January 31, 2018

“It means that Bomkot wants to fight the fairies.” Jack replied.

Jack felt the familiar feeling that came when his mother and father fought in his stomach. He didn’t like it when people fought each other, and he wished he could end all of it.

“Vonk, Lort, we need to get Jack back to the surface before Bomkot find him again. Now that he took him, the fairies should be more vigilant in protecting him. Undoubtedly they are looking for him as we speak.” Isou said.

“How do we get him back to the surface? Bomkot will block the path.” Lort said.

“He’s a smart goblin.” Vonk added.

“That’s true.” Isou replied as she rubbed her chin.

“What about a distraction?” Jack suggested, “When Durin and I play goblin war a distraction always works.”

“I don’t like how generalized that comment is, but a distraction is exactly what we need. It’ll let us slip you past Bomkot’s guards.” Isou said.

“Can we blow something up?!” Vonk asked as he jumped in glee.

“No! We can’t hurt goblins, but it needs to be important enough to draw Bomkot and his guards away from the entrance.” Isou replied, “Where did you tell Bomkot you were going?”

“To the bathroom.” Jack answered.

“Perfect!” Isou said rubbing her hands together, “Then I have a plan.”

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