Write One Page Per Day – 33/365 – February 2, 2018

Continued from February 1, 2018

“Oh, I like plans!” Vonk replied.

“Me too, plans are fun!” Lort added.

“I need you two to go back to Bomkot.” Isou said as she pulled Jack closer to her.

“But we like plans! How are we going to be part of the plan if we go back to Bomkot?” Vonk said.

“If you two stay, you’re not part of the plan.” Isou informed them. “I need you to go to Bomkot, and tell him you lost Jack.”

“Oh! Well, why didn’t you say so!” Lort replied grabbing Vonk’s hand and leaving the room without further arguing.

“If they tell Bomkot that I’m missing, won’t that mean that more goblins will be looking for me?” Jack said once he couldn’t hear Lort or Vonk any longer.

“We need to get in touch with your fairy friend.” Isou said. “Do you know how to do that?”

Jack nodded. “Durin is a good friend. He always comes to me.”

“Then undoubtedly he is on his way already, only now he’ll bring more fairies with him and there will be fighting.” Isou said.

“You don’t want a fight?” Jack asked.

“I’ve spent my entire life trying to establish good relations with the fairies. I’ll admit they don’t take too kindly to goblins in general, but something of this magnitude will lead to worse relationships between us than we’ve seen in centuries.” Isou said. “Now follow me, and we’ll get you out of here.”

“Where are we going?” Jack asked.

“To the brownies.” Isou replied as she and Jack started walking back up the tunnel.

“Brownies?” Jack repeated.

“Yes. Think of them as goblin-fairies. They are as malicious as goblins, but as free as fairies. They like to live underground, but occasionally go to the surface.”

“Oh, okay.” Jack replied as they reached the trap door. He had never heard of brownies before, but then again, he had never seen a real goblin before either.

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