Write One Page Per Day – 35/365 – February 4, 2018

Continued from February 3, 2018

Father Alden walked between the pews toward the front of the building as the doors opened. Three men, dressed in leather armor, entered the building. The man at the front the priest recognized instantly as Harvey, son of King Matthew. He was followed by two of his aides. Alden fell to his knees, bowing his head, as was customary.

“Good morning, Prince Harvey. I am blessed by your presence in this humble temple.” Alden said.

“Good morning, Father.” The prince replied. “Have you seen or heard any horses pass by your temple this morning?”

“I heard a horse traveling east pass my temple no more than ten minutes ago.” Alden lied.

“On your feet, Father. There is no need for you to bow to me. Men of the cloth should be above such things.” The prince said.

Alden got back to his feet, but kept his eyes on the floor. The prince waved a hand to his aides and they began searching the temple.

“Are you sure no one has come in here this morning?” Alden asked.

“Only myself and my god have been present here this morning, that is of course until you arrived, my lord.” Alden replied.

“There is no place for him to hide here.” One of the aides called from the right side.

“He’s not under any of the pews either.” The other called.

“Thank you both.” Harvey replied with a grimace. “It seems funny, Father – What’s your name?”

“Alden, sire. My name is Alden.” He replied.

“Father Alden. The horse tracks just outside show that a horse stopped abruptly. By the marks in the dirt, I would assume its rider fell from the horse. From there, I see footprints both leaving and entering this building. The horse tracks then continue off.” Harvey said lifting Alden’s face to be level to his. “I will ask you one more time, has anyone entered this temple?”

“Only my god, myself, you and your men, sire.” Alden repeated.

“I’m sorry, Father.” Harvey said as he grabbed the Priest and pulled him out of the building. “William, George, come. We interrogate the priest at the fort!”

“Yes, sire.” Both said.

Harvey climbed onto a beautiful horse while William and George climbed onto their own steeds. Alden’s hands were tied before him and the rope was secured to the saddle of William’s horse.

“I hope you are well rested, Father.” Harvey said looking down at the him, “The walk to the fort will take no less than five hours.”

“My god will provide me the strength needed.” Alden replied with a smile as they began their journey.

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