Write One Page Per Day – 37/365 – February 6, 2018

Continued from February 5, 2018

David felt his entire body spasm as the arrow exited.

“Hold still!” Annabelle said as David pulled away from her. “I still have to stop the bleeding. You’re lucky. The arrow didn’t get deep enough to hit anything important.”

“I was hit by an arrow.” David replied as his body stopped cramping, “How is that lucky?”

“An inch deeper and the arrow would have pierced your lung. Your armor slowed it just enough that you didn’t drown on your own blood.” She said as she put pressure on the wound. “I need you to lay down so I can get you some bandages.”

David did as he was told and got back on the table, lying face down. His breathing came easier now that there wasn’t shooting pain with every breath, only a sharp constant pain that stayed regular. He watched as Annabelle moved over to a nearby chair and pulled a sheet from it. She tore it into long strips and returned to his side.

“This won’t stop infection, but it’ll cover it so nothing else gets in it. When we get to my farm I can do a better job patching you up. I can even stitch it so it doesn’t keep reopening.” Annabelle said, “Stand up, please.”

“Thank you for helping me.” David said as Annabelle began wrapping him with the makeshift bandages.

“It’s what any decent person would do.” She replied as she spun him around and tucked the end of another strip just above his stomach.

David couldn’t help but notice, even in the dim light, the way her hair fell in front of her face, a tiny scar above her left eye, and the way her face was set in fierce determination. She was easily one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She looked up at him, catching him admiring her beauty and they both flushed, looking away from each other as she pulled away from him.

“That should hold you over for a while.” She said, “Are you coming to my farm so I can clean it properly?”

“I can’t.” David replied, “I need to find Gailstorm. He’s my horse. I need to get to the King’s court quickly to deliver an urgent message.”

“So you’re a messenger, that’s why you were shot.” She said nodding, “That makes sense, but just so you know, if infection sets in, you’ll only have a couple of days before your lungs start filing up with fluid. I would recommend taking care of that wound now, though I don’t know how long that arrow was in you.”

“I’ll take that into consideration, but first I need to find my horse.” David replied as he pulled his armor back on. “Thank you again for your help.”

“Well if you need help I’ll be in town for a little while still. I need to find Father Alden. He’s supposed to be officiating my sister’s wedding today.” Annabelle said as she climbed the ladder.

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