Write One Page Per Day – 38/365 – February 7, 2018

Continued from February 6, 2018

David followed Annabelle up the ladder. It wasn’t easy for him given the wound on his back, but he made it to the top nonetheless. Once at the top, he saw that he was inside the temple. Memories flooded back into his mind that had been preserved in his injured haze previously. He suddenly recalled Father Alden lifting and carrying him from out front and the last thing that Alden had said to him.

“Oh no!” David blurted looking around. “You said Alden isn’t here?”

“Yeah, that’s why I’m looking for him.” Annabelle replied shaking her head.

“He’s in trouble!” David replied, rushing out the front doors looking for Gailstorm, but finding only a cream-colored horse hitched to a post. “I have to go help him.”

“How do you know he’s in trouble?” Annabelle asked following him.

“There were men pursuing me when I got here. They are the ones that shot me with that arrow. He hid me under the temple. They must have taken him.” David replied before he put his fingers to his mouth, whistling loudly for his horse.

“Who was chasing you?”

“Prince Harvey and his men.” David replied with a smile as he heard the galloping of his horse approaching.

“Wait. The Prince was chasing you? Why, are you some kind of criminal?” She asked taking a step away from him.

“Not a criminal, a messenger. They have their reasons for chasing me, but not because I’m a criminal.” David replied as he walked toward the approaching horse. “Good boy!”

The horse nuzzled his neck, nipping at his armor as it always did when he hadn’t seen him in a while. David stroked the horse’s neck and grabbed the reins gently leading the horse back to the front of the temple.

“I need to get this message to the King, he’ll help Father Alden. Thank you for your help!” David said before he mounted his horse.

“I’m coming too!” Annabelle said as she mounted the other horse.

“No, you’re not. It’s too dangerous a mission for a woman.” David replied.

“Like hell it is!” She scoffed. “You’re not stopping me. Father Alden is important to me and the hamlet.”

“How good of a rider are you?” David asked, seeing that stopping her was going to be impossible.

“Don’t worry about us,” She replied, “Aida is more than capable of keeping up.”

“Alright then. Let’s get moving. Hopefully we can make it to the King before sundown.” David replied kicking Gailstorm into a gallop.

After an hour at a full gallop Aida slowed to a canter, forcing Annabelle to fall behind. After a few minutes David noticed that Annabelle wasn’t with him any more and chose to stop on the side of the road near a small brook to give the horse time to cool down.

“Why didn’t you stop sooner,” Annabelle asked when she arrived a few minutes later, “We can’t push the horses like this, their hearts will give out.”

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