Write One Page Per Day – 41/365 – February 10, 2018

Continued from February 9, 2018

“My Prince, I must speak with the King. It is of grave importance I deliver my message.” David replied.

“My father is not well today,” Prince Harvey replied, folding his hands in front of him, “Give me the message. I will relay the information.”

“The message is for the King’s eyes only.” David replied.

Prince Harvey sat back in his chair. He could see the Prince calculating his next words very carefully. He looked at Annabelle, who shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. A wicked grin spread across his face as he leaned forward, not moving his eyes off her.

“You will give me the message,” He said, “Or I will kill Father Alden, and then send my men to Bexley to destroy that tiny hamlet. It won’t matter in the end, I intend to kill my father myself by day’s end.”

“You can’t!” Annabelle cried.

“You have no concept of what I am capable of doing.” Harvey snapped, “Though, I’ll admit, I believe that our messenger friend here might.”

The door behind them opened loudly and two men carrying the priest from Bexley walked through the door. One had a stoic expression, while the other smiled wide at the sight of David.

“Father Alden!” Annabelle said as she rushed to him. “Are you okay?”

“I’m alive.” He replied with a cough.

“You see? I can be generous, giving you back your priest, or I can be ruthless, and take him from you. Permanantly.” Prince Harvey said leaning forward on the desk, “The choice is entirely yours.”

David looked at the two men that had not moved away from the exit once more. In that moment, he had the memory flood back to him of the smaller of the two knocking an arrow, sitting on a dark horse, not far from Bexley.

“Give them the message, Annabelle.” David said looking at the floor.

“What about the King?” She protested, “You said the message is for his eyes only.”

“Very wise, David.” Harvey said, “It is important to know when you’ve been beaten.”

“It’s not about the message.” David replied, “Father Alden did nothing to deserve this, he shouldn’t suffer more.”

“It’s gone!” Annabelle said when her hand slid under the back of her shirt searching for the message. She spun around looking at the floor, frantically searching for the letter.

“What do you mean it’s gone?” Prince Harvey said as he stood up, peering at the floor as well.

The door opened again, four armed guards and the King walked through the doorway.

“I’ve heard enough!” King Matthew said as he came through the door. “Take my traitorous son away, along with his men.”

“How?” Prince Harvey asked.

“You’ll never know.” David replied as the guards pulled the Prince and his men from the room.

David moved to Alden’s side and led him to a small chair. He helped lower him slowly into the chair and Annabelle came to his side as well to tend to the priest.

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