Write One Page Per Day – 42/365 – February 11, 2018

Continued from February 10, 2018

“What is your name, messenger?” King Matthew asked.

“David, sire, but I must insist on getting Father Alden to a healer.” David replied.

“Mary-Anne!” The King called, “Mary-Anne!”

A short, portly, woman wearing simple clothes came barreling into the room. She nearly ran into David, who promptly caught her when she tripped over the run on the floor. She looked up, saw David, blushed, and pulled away from him before straightening her clothes poorly.

“Yes, s-sire.” She stammered.

“Bring this priest to the healer, please.” King Matthew said, “Do you require anything else, David?”

“No, sire.”

“That is all, Mary-Anne.”

“At once, m’lord.” She replied, helping Alden out of his chair.

“I require something else of you, David.” The King said as David moved to help Mary-Anne. “You and your friend-”

“Annabelle, sire.” Annabelle interjected.

“Yes, of course. You and Annabelle have saved my life today, and the kingdom owes you both a great service, but I’m afraid the kingdom is still in danger.” He said.

“I’m but a messenger, sire.” David replied.

“I need the pair of you to seek out the individual responsible for assisting my son in his plot.” The king said, “He was once an old friend, and advisor to me, but was banished from the court in my anger. His name is Aaron Guthard He has since been trying to dethrone me by any means necessary. He is a grave threat.”

“I’m a farm girl, sire, not a warrior.” Annabelle said, “I’m afraid I must get home.”

“You are from the hamlet Bexley, yes?” The King asked.

“Yes, sire.”

“Now that my son has been arrested, it would seem that Bexley is without a Lord. If you aide David in his mission, I will ensure that you and your family become the new lords of Bexley.” The king replied.

“O-okay.” Annabelle replied.

“I don’t think I can bring myself to kill anyone.” David said.

“I’m not asking you to kill him. I need you to speak with him and, if possible, convince him to stop. As I said, he is an old friend. I don’t wish harm to come to him, but if he will not stop in his mission, I’m afraid it will come to that.” King Matthew said.

“Of course, sire.” David said bowing.

“You will leave this room with this letter,” He said producing a sealed letter from his robe,  “proceed to the quartermaster by the barracks in the courtyard, and be outfitted for your journey. You should be able to find him to the north.”

“Yes, sire.” David and Annabelle replied nearly simultaneously as David took the letter and they moved to leave the room.

“David?” King Matthew said, just before they walked through the door.

“Yes, sire?”

“It was very clever of you to hand the letter off to one of the servants, I am personally in your debt.” He said.

“Thank you, sire.” David replied as he followed Annabelle down the hall, and out into the courtyard.

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