Write One Page Per Day – 47/365 – February 16, 2018

Continued from February 15, 2018

Claire followed the group of people for a few blocks in silence. She felt lost and confused while Daniel and Beth chatted cheerily next to her. The rest of the group looked similar to what she had seen when soldiers were escorting a politician through a war zone.

“Daniel?” Claire said.

“What’s up, Claire?” He replied.

“What’s really happening? I mean, I don’t understand what the runes are on us. I don’t know what they mean, or what I am supposed to do. Why is all this happening?” Claire confessed.

“My rune, and those of the others with us, means that we are protectors. We went through the trials and came out with the knowledge and skills we need to protect you. Your rune means you are the gift of the world. You’re destined to fight the destroyer and, depending on who wins, decide whether the world will fall into darkness or not.” Daniel said.

“The destroyer?” Claire asked. “Do you mean Goldman?”

Daniel didn’t reply. She saw on his face what he had meant. Somehow they had been dragged into whatever was going on and were placed on opposite sides of the field. She suddenly felt alone walking in the center of the small mass of people.

“It’ll be okay, Claire.” Beth said. “It’ll make sense once we get you to the Oracle.”


“Yeah. He’s one of the first one that made it through the trials. He has a special rune that lets him see the future.” Beth replied.

“You mean he predicts it or he can actually see it?”

“If you ask him, he’ll say neither, but we’ve all seen him when he gets his visions. His eyes go all foggy.” Daniel said, “If you ask me, it’s creepy.”

“You’ll see when you meet him. It’s not as simple as answering a question, he’ll be able to show you what you want to know. Just like he did us.” Beth said.

“Quiet!” Daniel hissed as he tensed suddenly in front of City Hall. “They’re following us.”

Claire looked around and saw that everyone that was walking with her, even Beth, was on high alert. They had all stopped walking and looked as though they were waiting for something. She felt the tension in the air as she had on any assignment from the chief that involved guarding high level people. Her hand went instinctively to the gun on her hip.

“Keep moving.” Daniel whispered as everyone resumed their course.

The entire group surrounded Claire. She felt claustrophobic with how close they were to her. A gunshot rang out in the silent city and Claire’s breath caught in her chest. She was suddenly aware of a burning sensation on her right side. She had been shot.

Claire moved her hand to her side as she struggled to breathe, the group around her grabbed her and picked her up. There were no more gunshots, nor were there any people for them to fight on the rest of their journey.

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