Write One Page Per Day – 49/365 – February 18, 2018

Continued from February 17, 2018

Claire’s dream faded out and returned with a sun-filled golden field. There were people spread through it wearing clothing that resembled what she saw in movies and posters about medieval times. She watched as a group of small children ran through the field passing close by.

One of them stopped, a little girl, turned to her and said, “Thank you for your courage and sacrifice!”

“You’re welcome?” Claire replied, confused. She opened her mouth to ask what she meant but the girl ran to catch up to the others.

Claire began walking and approached one of the people working. “Excuse me?”

He continued to work as though he hadn’t heard her. He looked tired, but satisfied with the work he was doing. Claire imagined that whatever he was harvesting was a difficult job to do by hand. He paused for a moment, pulled a rag from his pocket, and soaked up the sweat on his brow. When he did he looked right at her.

“Excuse me, sir.” She said, “Where am I?”

His eyes never moved to see her, but instead appeared to look through her. Claire turned around to see what he was looking at, and found that there was a statue where she had first come to this vision. It was a white statue that looked like her. The image of her held a book in its right hand while the other hung at her side.

Claire walked back to where she started and examine the statue. The likeness was uncanny, as though it were not chiseled from stone but molded to look like her. She had never seen stone worked so well in her life. At its base she found a plaque with an inscription:

Claire Jane Haskel
The Gift to the World
1983 – 2018

Claire stumbled back in sudden understanding that whether the world ended or was saved, she would die. There was no avoiding it according to her vision. As she walked backward the dream faded out and was replaced by a simple room with a small table in the center of it. There were no windows or doors, but an elderly man sat at the table across from an empty chair.

“Please, sit down.” He said, motioning for the chair.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“That is not such an easy question to answer.” He replied chuckling. “Some have called me God, others Odin, and still there are many more names for me. You can refer to me as Father, perhaps?”

“What is happening? Why am I here? Are these visions of the future, or are they just fever dreams? Are you even real?” She blurted.

“Slow down, child. We have as much time as you need to hear what I have to say.” He said holding his hands up. “The world is coming to a close. That much you know. Now it comes to you, a very special woman who I have chosen to decide the fate of the world.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

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