Write One Page Per Day – 50/365 – February 19, 2018

Continued from February 18, 2018

“You were chosen because of your faith in humanity, even in spite of what you see around you. If you choose to maintain your faith through this close, humanity will be born anew and have a chance to walk a different path from the one they chose previously. If you give in and give up your faith the world will perish along with everyone in it.” He said.

“What about Goldman? I saw in one vision that he killed me, and in the next there was peace in the world but I saw a statue of myself. It seems that in either option I will die.” Claire replied. “What reason would I have to continue on if I will die either way?”

“I have spoken and the choice is yours. It is not for me to decide the fate of the world. I will continue on regardless of the fate of your world.”

“Wait-” Claire said as the room went dark.

Claire awoke to the sun shining through a window. Outside, the sky was a pale blue color with wispy clouds trailing lazily across the sky. She knew that her dreams were real. She had spoken to the creator and was told it came down to her to decide the fate of the world.

“You’re awake then?” A voice said from behind her when she began sobbing.

Claire didn’t turn over to face the person speaking, and chose to remain silent. Her tears ran down her nose and dripped on the pillow under her head. She heard the scrapping of a chair on the floor and the man behind her sat down gently.

“It’s not easy, being the decider of humanity.” He began, “I can’t imagine what’s running through your mind right now, but I saw the same vision as you. I know how the story ends, one way or the other. In the end, we either choose to fight the dark ones, or we allow them to overrun us. Regardless of your choice, everyone in this building will fight for a better world.”

“I don’t understand why I was chosen.” Claire whispered.

“You were chosen because of your faith in humanity, as the creator said.” He replied.

“What does that even mean?” Claire said, the anger clear in her voice, “Riddles and runes. Nothing makes sense.”

“The runes are only markers for our strengths, and I know you were a detective in your previous life. Riddles are the nature of any mystery. You have faith in humanity because, as a detective, you chose to seek the truth about people instead of taking things at face value.” He replied.

“What if I’m not strong enough?” Claire asked.

“Only time will tell if any of us are strong enough, but in the end death is unavoidable. There is no sense in running from it now.” He replied.

“I don’t want to die.”

“I don’t want everyone to die.” He replied, “I would gladly give my life in exchange for the world.”

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