Write One Page Per Day – 55/365 – February 24, 2018

Continued from February 23, 2018

“I do trust you, Haskel. It’s just a lot to process right now.” Goldman said as he moved around the bar. “Doesn’t it bother you that practically everyone is gone? Doesn’t it irk you, even a little, that for some reason we are still here?”

“I feel overwhelmed by everything that’s happening too.” Claire said. “I was shot shortly after you saw me last.”

“You were shot? You don’t look like someone who got shot. You look fine, albeit a little tired.” He said pulling the lever to fill his beer.

Claire lifted her shirt at her side to show him the scar.

“How did you get shot and not have a hole still? It hasn’t been that long since I saw you last. Only a day, really.” He said.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me either, but it doesn’t make it any less true. These runes on everyone’s forehead are changing people.” Claire said, “Everyone is convinced it’ll change you too, but I have hope that if we stick together we can figure this out.”

“I don’t want to figure this out, Haskel.” Goldman replied, setting his mug on the bar. He paused for a moment with his eyes closed before he continued. “My job is done. There are no more crimes to investigate, no more people to worry about. Everything is over now. I’m probably going to leave and see if I can find other people outside of Portland.”

“You can’t leave yet. I need your help to figure this out.” Claire said grabbing his hand. “I don’t think I can without your help.”

“Let’s be honest, Claire.” He said pulling his hand away slowly, “You’ve been carrying me for a long time. I’m a sorry excuse for a detective these days, probably have been for a lot longer than I’m willing to admit. If there is something to figure out here, you can do it without me.”

“Come on, Goldman. You can’t be serious. We are all we have left now.” Claire said.

“Then come with me.” He replied. “I’ve got some relatives down in Massachusetts that I’m going to check in on. I know that it seems like everyone vanished here, but it may only be here. Come with me, maybe we can get a hold of the Feds if there are people left elsewhere.”

“We can’t go. There’s a group of people who have moved into the hospital. I think that they intend to try to kill everyone else that’s left.” Claire pleaded, “I need you to go talk to them. I’m pretty sure it was one of them that shot me. We can stop the bad that’s coming if we just work together.”

“I don’t know, Haskel.”

“I know that deep down inside you somewhere is the man who had faith in good people doing the right thing. You became a cop because of it. It’s hard for me too, but I know that we can still do the right thing.”

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