Lessons in Writing – 2

Never give up.

There are people who would say that a bad writer can never be a great writer, but the reality is that anyone can be anything. Plot, dialog, character creation, and phrasing are all things that can be learned. These are not talents inherently available only to a select few writers.

Over the last few years I have seen my writing improve by leaps and bounds due to the frequency in which I am reading, writing, and reviewing my own work. I publish a blog post every day (Write One Page Per Day), and my goal is to publish one such post for the entire year. These posts are, for the most part, unedited, unrefined, and completely random. They are a part of my creative process to get my mind back into the mentality of getting into my characters’ heads.

If you write every day, either as a hobby or a profession, your writing skill and speed should increase over time. Don’t be afraid to read books on the craft to gain insight into techniques used by others, every tiny lesson is something to be treasured, and should not be taken as a detriment to your own abilities.

If you get yourself to the point that you get someone to read your work, and they critique it, do not take it personally! Not every story is for everyone. Remember that, I read primarily fantasy fiction, sprinkled with a few autobiographies, and topped with books on the writing craft, but with 7 Billion people in the world, there are plenty that will enjoy your story!

Remember to keep writing, no matter what, and never be afraid to seek out why something isn’t a good story, doesn’t feel like it flows naturally, or is simply dry. Every writer, I’m sure, has at least one piece that they have objectively told themselves “This is beyond saving.” The truth is that if any writer stopped writing because of one bad piece of work, no one would have been there to write your favorite book, article, or blog.

Never give up!



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