Write One Page Per Day – 57/365 – February 26, 2018

Continued from February 25, 2018

“I know that what you are trying to do is a future I haven’t seen yet.” Justin replied.

“Good.” Claire said, “At least you’re not trying to tell me it’s impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible. It’s more a matter of probability.” He replied as they began walking back up Exchange Street.

“Have you considered that your ability to see the future is not so much seeing the future as much as receiving what ‘it’ wants you to see?” She asked using finger quotes.


“The guy that came to me when I saw the different paths.” She clarified.

“You know, to be completely honest, I hadn’t considered that.” He replied. “Have you considered that what you are trying to accomplish could result in the cosmos being thrown into chaos?”

“All I’ve thought about is that there has to be a third option. It’s probably harder than restarting humanity or destroying everything, but I kind of liked the way it was before, even with all the messed up stuff that kept happening.” She replied.

Justin nodded in what Claire assumed was agreement. He didn’t make a noise. It looked as though he were deep in thought as they crossed Congress Street and turned toward the apartment building. They arrived as Daniel came out of the building in a panic.

“Claire! There you are!” He said, red in the face.

“Here I am.” She replied.

“Where were you? We were so worried!” He asked.

Claire opened her mouth to answer but Justin cut her off, “She needed to get come fresh air, so I took her for a walk.”

“You know it’s dangerous for her out here, Justin.” Daniel said. “Why would you do something like this? Haven’t we talked about bringing her outside?”

Claire thought it was funny that this teenager was attempting to reprimand a much older man. It became even more amusing when Daniel began trying to impose punishments.

“You do know that now I’ll have to establish some rules for what you can and can’t do?” Daniel added.

“Firstly, Daniel, you are a teenager, and not a leader of the group. I understand that with everything that has happened, you feel like you have been chosen for some higher purpose, and I hate to inform you that you are not in charge of anyone in this building, not the others, not me, and certainly not Claire.

“Secondly, if Claire chooses to leave the building, she can do it whenever she wants. She is not a prisoner here.” Justin finished.

Daniel looked at his feet, “I’m sorry, Justin. I was just worried about Claire.”

“You need to relax. Let’s go inside and wait for everyone to get back. There are some things I think we need to talk about.” Claire said.

“Alright.” Daniel said as he turned and went back into the building. Claire couldn’t help but feel bad for him. He had only tried to keep her safe, but Justin was right. He wasn’t actually in charge of anything.

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