Write One Page Per Day – 60/365 – March 1, 2018

Continued from February 28, 2018

“You have faith that we can do this?” Daniel asked.

“I have no idea.” Claire answered, “There are a lot of things I don’t know but I know its worth a try. This has to end.”

“So what’s next?” He asked.

“We have to get the others to agree with the plan, and Goldman will call me with an update on his end.” Claire replied.

“Okay.” Daniel said as he walked to the door, “I’ll get everyone in the dining hall and you can tell them your plan.”

Claire spent a few minutes mentally preparing herself. She knew that everyone was okay with fighting the other group to the death, but she wasn’t sure they would agree with her.

She walked out of the apartment, down the hall, and entered the dining hall where everyone was sitting. She could see that Daniel, Beth, and Justin were sitting at the back whispering quietly.

“I know that just this morning I sent half of you to get more weapons and ammunition for the impending fight, but I have come up with an idea that a few people are on board with, and I hope that once I explain the plan, you will also agree with me.” Claire began.

There was a murmur through the group as they nodded in agreement. She heard one person call out “We’re with you no matter what!” to which the murmur got a little louder.

“I have spoken with my partner, Goldman, while some of you were out on your supply run this morning, and I have decided that I know what I want to do. In the history of the world, as I understand it from Daniel, there have been several points such as this one. Each time humanity has been wiped out by this thing known as the Creator, and each time a champion is selected to lead those who would damn our species or save our species.

“Previously, the fight has been won and humanity has started over, but this time I’ve decided there will be no fight! We will not be killing others and starting over again. We will be doing whatever it takes to get our loved ones back from wherever they went!”

Claire finished breathing heavy with excitement, and even with the bright faces sprinkled through the group in front of her, no one seemed particularly excited with her. After a moment of looking at them, one younger girl raised her hand.

“Hi. My name is Liz, I have to ask, how are we going to bring everyone back?” She said.

“We will figure it out. Part of this plan relies heavily on the other group accepting to not fight us so we can get everyone back.” She replied.

“I don’t know if I’m okay with this.” An older guy said, “I had a horrible life without purpose before, what am I supposed to do if everything comes back?”

A mild wave of discontent resounded from the people in the room.

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