Write One Page Per Day – 62/365 – March 3, 2018

Continued from March 2, 2018

“Have it your way! You will receive no further aid from me!” The Creator shouted as the light filled the room once again.

The light burned once again, more severely than it had the first time Claire had experienced it. Her head felt as though it may explode for a few seconds and then it was gone. Everyone in the room was lying on the floor, groggy and disoriented. Someone screamed and she jumped back to her feet ready for a fight.

“My rune, it’s gone!” It was Liz, she had screamed.

“All of our runes are gone!” Another man said as he looked around the room.

Claire put her hand up to her forehead and felt where the rune had been previously. Justin approached her shaking his head. “It’s still there. It would seem that you are the only one that still has your rune.”

“Why?” Claire asked as she noticed that Justin’s too was gone, “Why take everyone else’s rune, but leave mine?”

“He did say that you would receive no further aid. I don’t think that means that he has given up on you.” Justin said. “Though I’m not sure how giving us the runes in the first place was aiding you.”

Clair began going around the room, making sure that everyone was alright. All of them seemed to be in perfect health despite the searing pain from the removal of their rune. Everyone seemed to be dazed, and a few looked distraught, but they all seemed fine. Once finished checking on everyone, Claire returned to the front of the room.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” She announced, “but we are all fine. Now onto planning.”

“What do you mean, we’re fine?” The old man called back. “You’ve angered the Creator! Now we are all punished because of you!”

There was a rumble of agreement through the room as several people nodded.

“We’re all alive, and that’s what matters. You agreed with my plan before, and-”

“We had our runes for your plan! What do we have now?” The man interrupted.

“Please, your runes are not who you are, who we are, they were given by the thing that put us in this situation in the first place, if you remember correctly. The thing that took everything we knew and loved and pulled it from our lives!” Claire said, “We can do this because we have each other!”

“I’m leaving!” The man replied, “She can talk all big and hopeful, but the reality is that she still has her rune, but we have all been punished for her actions! Who’s coming with me?”

Six people left with him.

“Does anyone else want to leave?” Claire asked. “I’m not going to stop you. My goal is to get everyone back with or without your help. It’s up to each of you if you’re on board.”

There was silence in the room as no one else moved or argued with her. She looked around and saw conviction on their faces.

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