Write One Page Per Day – 69/365 – March 10, 2018

Continued from March 9, 2018

“I need to get to the hospital now!” Claire cried as she turned to Daniel. “Somethings happened to Goldman. I need to find him!”

Daniel nodded, picked up his book, and walked for the door. “Let’s get the others.”

They ran down the hall into the courtroom where everyone was. The people from the other group all seemed to be sitting up and chatting happily with each other. With the exception of the surly girl who kept spitting at Claire every time she tried to talk to her.

“Claire! I was just about to come get you. All but two of the people that we brought in here have agreed to join us!” Justin exclaimed as he rushed to meet her. He stopped in his tracks when he saw her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Goldman. Somethings happened to him. I need to gather up some people to head over to the hospital to find him.” Claire pleaded.

“I’m on it!” Justin said. Within minutes he had more than a dozen people ready to go. “You ready?”

“I’m ready.” Claire replied as she turned to leave.

Amy was suddenly blocking her path. “Take me with you!”

“I think everyone would feel better if you waited here.” Justin said.

“No.” Claire said, cutting him off. “She can come. She will also know more about what we are up against when we get there.”

Justin nodded as Amy fell in line. The group set out, leaving the courthouse behind. Claire, deciding that the main streets were potentially more dangerous to travel chose instead to lead the group down into the Old Port and up Fore Street to Danforth before turning onto Brackett Street, rather than walking straight up Congress.

“There it is.” Claire said as the group rounded the last bend on Brackett Street.

“Amy, do they keep guards at any of the entrances?” Justin asked as everyone ducked into an alley. “It’s a large building, they can’t possibly guard them all.”

“They mainly keep to the emergency department and the food court in the basement.” Amy replied. “Occasionally some of the guys will break off and explore the building looking for valuable things in the rooms.”

“That’s good.” Claire said, “We need to get across the parking lot on our side before they spot us. If we double back, cutting down Marshall Street, we should be able to go over and come up Chadwick.”

“Let’s do this!” Justin said.

“Just remember not to shoot anyone you don’t have to. We can’t heal people like Justin healed me when I was shot.” Claire reminded the group. Everyone nodded in agreement, though Claire noticed a guilty look on Amy’s face. “Let’s go!”

The group moved back and took the route Claire had suggested. The densely packed buildings provided them all the cover they needed, while giving them occasional glimpses of the upper floors of the hospital.

Claire fell back and let Justin take the lead so she could be closer to Amy.

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