Write One Page Per Day – 70/365 – March 11, 2018

Continued from March 10, 2018

“Is everything okay?” Claire asked as she fell in beside Amy.

“I’m sorry.” Amy said.

“For what?”

Amy stopped, which made Claire stop as the others continued forward, rounding the corner. “I’m the one that shot you.”

“You’re the one that shot me?” Claire repeated.

Amy nodded as Claire saw tears streaking down her cheeks. She collapsed into a pile on the sidewalk as the last person in the group Claire could see rounded the corner.

“You’re fine, Amy. Everything is okay, we don’t have time for this right now. We can talk about it later.” Claire pleaded, wanting to catch up to the others. “I need to find Goldman right now, and what’s important is that I’m okay.”

“I’m sorry.” Amy repeated between her sobs. “I’m sorry.”

“Can you please just stand up and focus?” Claire said as she pulled Amy to her feet.
There was a sudden eruption of gun fire roughly a block away. Claire looked at Amy who was still repeating her apologies and crying before it sank in that Amy wasn’t just apologizing for shooting her, they had walked into a trap.

Claire released Amy, drawing her pistol as she reached the corner. From where she stood she could see that her group was being fired on by unseen shooters firing from the top floor of a building across the street. She ran as fast as she could, crossing the street as she went, she knew the only way she would be able to save Justin and the others was if she could stop the shooters.

The door to the building was unlocked, she immediately moved up the stairs in front of the door, checking around corners as she went. When she arrived at the top floor two of eight men were changing the clip in their guns. Her gun already aimed, she squeezed, firing two shots at each target. As she aimed from one to the next, it seemed that they all turned around at the same time, but her shots were quick and well aimed.

When she had finished unloading her pistol she ran to the window to look down on the men on the street. From what she could see most of them had been killed. She turned to run down the stairs, but Goldman was blocking her path, his forehead shined with a rune in the center. In his hands was the pistol she had bought him for his birthday last year.

“What are you doing, Goldman?” Claire asked as she put her hands up. “I had no choice. I had to shoot them.”

“I don’t have a choice either.” Goldman said as he backed her into the room. Behind him two men came in, both were carrying rifles. The first, she saw, was aimed at her. The other was aimed at Goldman.

“This is where it ends.” One of the men said. “We’ve had enough of prophecy and gods. This is going to end now, one way or the other.”

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