Detective Claire Haskel – Conclusion

Continued from March 12, 2018

Claire lifted herself from the ground, helping Goldman up as well. The creator was nowhere to be found as they moved to the window. Everything they saw out the window looked similar to the men that were still floating away. Everything had a golden hue to it and was floating slowly into the sky toward an object they hadn’t seen previously. It was a bright orb that sat in the sky and as they looked on the sky dissolved as well revealing a gridded dome above them.

“You have passed your trial.” A voice boomed from above.

“What the hell?” Goldman said. “What is happening?”

“This was a test to see what humanity would do in this situation.” They heard from behind them. There was a man standing there in a single-piece silver suit. “We are testing you all once again to determine if there is hope for you in the future. Your planet is dying and, depending on how your species acts, you have a chance to fix it.”

“What are you talking about?” Claire asked reaching for her holster but found that she too was wearing one of the silver suits. It occurred to her that she had left her gun on the floor, but when she looked, it too was gone.

“Your planet is dying, are you not aware?” He asked.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“I am Frontan. A being from a far away place. My people have been watching you closely. We have been trying to determine if you would be able to save your species and build a new world. That would exist more peacefully. We wanted to know if you could overcome the obvious choice of kill or be killed.” He replied.

“This was all a test?” Justin asked.

“Correct.” Frontan said, “Now I present you with another choice. We can take you to another planet, similar to Earth, and provide you the technology to start over successfully, or we can return you to your previous lives.”

“Why can’t you simply make contact with everyone?” Claire asked, “I think the world is ready for that.”

“You have a lot of faith in humanity, but the problem is how alien species are portrayed in your media. We’ve seen the fear that is propagated through your ‘movies’ and ‘television.’ We would be greeted with hostility and suspicion.”

“If you abduct people, what the hell do you expect?” Goldman asked. “People are not experiments. We are, well, PEOPLE! We aren’t things for you to take and play with.”

“It was never our intention to upset any of you.” Frontan replied. “I apologize if we have.”

“If you are worried about how you’re going to be received, why not help us without negotiation? Feed the hungry, pull the toxins from the atmosphere, and teach us how to be better.” Claire said, “Many of us are ready to listen and learn to do the right thing, but we are limited in what we are able to do.”

“Perhaps you’re right.” Frontan said. “You choose to return then?”

“Absolutely!” Claire replied.

A bright light filled the room again and Claire found herself laying on the floor of the police station next to Goldman once more. The melted camera was still in his hands and Daniel was back in the chair of the interrogation room. With him was Beth and Frank.

Claire stood up next to Goldman. They looked at each other for a long moment before Goldman opened his mouth to break the silence. “So what now?”

“Now we wait and see if whoever they are will help us or leave us to our own devices.” Claire replied walking out of the room to find Justin standing in the hall smiling at her.

The End.

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