Write One Page Per Day – 76/365 – March 17, 2018

Liam walked into the bar, noticing the dim light and the scent of old tobacco intermingled with onions and grilling meat. There were only a few people in the place this time around, but the man he needed to see was seated alone in the back corner.

“Are you O’Doud? ” He asked as he approached the table.

“Depends who’s asking.” The man replied. “If you’re one of those conspiracy guys, don’t bother sitting, I ain’t talking to no one that wants to do reporting.”

“Mr. O’Doud, I’m not a reporter. I need your help.” He said, “My kids, they’re gone, and I think you know why I’m here talking to you.”

“Cause you think I’ll be able to find the faerie that took ’em.” He said, picking up his ale taking a long haul off it. “I might, I might not.”

“These are my kids, sir! Please!” I pleaded, drawing looks from nearly everyone else in the bar, “I was told you were the only one here that would know how to find them.”

“I ain’t in a helping mood today.” He said finishing his ale as he stood up. He dropped a few dollars on the table as he walked past Liam.

Liam sat for a moment as O’Doud shuffled toward the door before making a decision on what he would do. He stood and walked out of the establishment behind O’Doud, grabbing him by the jacket as soon as they were outside. The man spun, grabbing Liam as he did so and tossed him across the yard where he landed hard on his side.

“Please! They’re all I have! You’re the only one that can help me!” Liam bellowed at him.

“You’ll have to figure it out on your own. I’m not to be bothered today. It’s St. Patrick’s day, I don’t work today.” O’Doud said as he shuffled out of Liam’s view.

Liam didn’t get up as the clouds moved in and the rain began to fall. He laid there on the ground as the sorrow washed over him. He had failed. He hadn’t been able to keep his kids safe last night, and now he wouldn’t be able to get them back. The tears flowed as the sun illuminated through the rain, presenting him with a rainbow that arced over him.

“Get up. We’re going hunting.” O’Doud said as he walked into his view.

Liam stood up quickly, not wanting to waste the time, “Thank you!”

“You’re a pathetic excuse of a man, aren’t you?” O’Doud said as Liam wiped the tears out of his eyes.


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