Write One Page Per Day – 82/365 – March 23, 2018

Five of us rode in the back of the moving truck on our way downtown. My mind was so busy running through the checklist of what I needed to do that I didn’t notice when one of the others moved directly opposite me.

“What’s your deal?” Adam asked leaning forward, placing his elbows on his knees.

“I’m just here for the money, man. If the job didn’t pay well I wouldn’t be here.” I replied, pulling my laptop from the bag next to me.

The truck pitched as it raced around a corner, forcing me to brace myself and my laptop or risk landing on top of Adam.

“So you’re not a Believer then?” Adam pressed, ignoring my process.

“No, Believers are insane people that think the world is going to end. I’m just a tech junkie trying to earn a living without gaining the attention of the government.” I replied, entering my password into the computer.

“Believers are insane! You hear that, boys? We’re all crazy!” He laughed before addressing me again, “The world is a powder keg, my friend, and we are the cause of the explosion.”

The smile had vanished from his face as he finished talking. None of the others were smiling either.

“Look, man, I’m getting paid to hack the security system for you, nothing more. I don’t care what you do in there, or what happens after.” I spot, suddenly uncomfortable and feeling more than exposed.

“Oh, we know. The boss said we couldn’t hurt you. That’s the only reason you’re not dead already. Non-Believers will all ultimately die, it’s just a matter of time.” Adam said. His eyes were wide and I was certain he believed every word he had said.

I refocused back to my computer, launching the applications I needed, one’s that I had built just for this job, and did my best to ignore the whispers between the others.

I felt the truck slow down before it stopped gently. The engine died and the driver tapped on the side three times, informing us that we had arrived.

“You ready?” Adam asked as he and the others moved toward the door.

I nodded.

There was a sudden burst of sound as bullets tore through the truck. I fell to the floor and covered my head for the next minute while I waited for it to stop. I didn’t move after the firing stopped, even when the back door opened and I heard someone step inside.

“Come on, Travis.” A familiar voice said behind me.

I turned over to find the man who had hired me standing over me smiling.

“Sorry about the blood and noise, I had to make it as real as I could do I could take those guys out.” He said, “Let’s get out of here.”

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