Write One Page Per Day – 83/365 – March 24, 2018

#AmWriting #Fiction #IndieAuthor

Grace and Kevin sat opposite each other in the coffee shop. The silence was deafening for them as they waited for the barista to bring their drinks around. Each would occasionally move to grab their cell phone, but realizing that it would be rude, thought better of looking at it.

“So the weather is nice today.” Grace said, unable to sit there in silence any longer.

“Yes!” Kevin replied, shifting in his seat, “Winter finally released her wicked grip on the Northeast. I was hoping it would let up soon.”

“Oh? Do you have plans for the spring? Do you do many things outside?” Grace asked, trying to spur the conversation on.

“No. Not really.” Kevin replied, “I just don’t care for the cold weather.”

“Oh.” Grace replied as the barista came around yet again empty-handed.

“Do you do much for outdoor activities?” Kevin asked.

“I kayak and hike mostly.”

“I’ve never been kayaking.” Kevin said. “I didn’t much care for the hiking trip I went on a few years back either.”

“I see.” Grace said, looking around the shop.

They fell into silence again. The pair had been sitting in the coffee shop for fifteen minutes waiting for their coffee, and had yet to find a common interest. The barista finally came around with their drinks, which they happily took and began enjoying.

“This really isn’t a great first date, is it?” Kevin asked, as he set his cup down.

“No.” Grace said trying not to go into the conversation.

“What was Carol thinking when she set us up with each other.” Kevin muttered.

Grace bit her lip, trying not to answer the question. She knew that the reason Carol had set them up, but had promised not to say anything.

“Do you know why she thought we would make a good pair?” Kevin finally asked.

“Why would I know that?” Grace replied, talking into her drink.

“She did tell you!” Kevin said smiling, “What are you hiding?”

Grace shook her head.

“Come on, out with it.” Kevin pried, “I need to know. I think that it should be obvious, but I’m at a total loss.”

“You promise not to talk to her about it?” Grace said, “I have a terrible time keeping secrets, and you’ve asked me directly now. I want to tell you, but it can’t get back to her.”

“I swear it.” Kevin replied, crossing his heart.

“She set us up because she knows that neither of us care much for relationships, and we both want a baby.”

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