Write One Page Per Day – 87/365 – March 28, 2018

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Doug sat in the park on his usual bench where he enjoyed his coffee and fresh scone from the coffee shop up the street. The weather was chilly, but he didn’t mind. He lived in New England. Chilly was a warm day compared to the brutal winter they had just been through.

After a few minutes, he noticed a ragged looking man who wandered the park approaching him.

“Could you spare some change?” The man asked.

“No, sorry. I don’t carry cash on me.” Doug replied.

“Sorry to bother you. You have a wonderful day.” The man said before lumbering off down the path.

The next day presented Doug with the same scenario, to which he had to turn the man down once more.

On the third day Doug was prepared, he not only hit an ATM on the walk from his house to the coffee shop, but also bought a second coffee and scone for the man.

Doug arrived on his favorite bench and waited patiently. He sipped on his coffee, ate his scone, and waited for the man to arrive. When he didn’t see him, he became concerned. He grabbed the coffee and extra scone and began his search of the park in the direction the man had always come from.

Doug found a small group of people under a footbridge and approached them to ask about the old man. As he grew closer he could hear they were furiously discussing something, but became quiet when they noticed him approaching.

“Good morning!” Doug said as he approached cautiously. “I’m looking for a man who I’ve seen the past couple mornings. Do you know where I might find him?”

“Real descriptive, Jack.” A woman with knotted hair and black teeth replied, “You might need to be more specific.”

“He had gray hair, a dark brown coat that looked as though the lining was coming out of it. He walked very heavily when I saw him.” Doug replied.

“You must be talking about Old Codger! Yeah, I know where he’d be, but I’m not telling you for free.” The woman replied.

“All I have is this scone, a coffee, and twenty dollars on me. It’s all for this ‘Old Codger’ I’m looking for.” Doug replied.

“I’ll take the twenty then.” The woman replied, holding her hand out. “You seem like you can afford to part with it.”

Doug fished in his pocket, producing the bill. “Fine. Tell me first and I’ll give you the money.”

“If he’s not here in the park, you might try the Resource Shelter, sometimes he hangs out in front of there. It’s only a mile or so that way.” The woman replied as she held out her hand.

“Thank you.” Doug said as he handed her the bill and walked in the direction that she had pointed.

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