Write One Page Per Day – 91/365 – April 1, 2018

Continued from March 31, 2018

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“I never thought about it that way.” Doug replied.

“Most people don’t. They believe what they are told. That everyone that needs help from the government is lazy or useless.” Greg shrugged. “I prefer to hear their stories, rather than judge them on a limited amount of information.”

Doug didn’t know what to say, so instead of speaking, he walked in silence beside the man he assumed was simply a hungry homeless person that chose to live on the system.

“Wait! You told me you chose to live the way you do, taking hand outs from other people.” Doug said, suddenly irritated.

“And you chose to give me that scone.” Greg replied, “I didn’t force you to. I didn’t even lie about what I was doing. You saw a hungry person and chose to help, which I am grateful for, but you don’t see the way I live. Not really.

“You don’t see the work I do for the shelters, soup kitchens, or the humane society. You don’t see me picking up litter all over the city as I walk around, just because this city treats me so well I feel compelled to take care of it. You have no idea what it’s like to walk down the street and, because of how I look, have a car drive by and hit you with a full drink or a bag of trash.”

“You do all that and still have that happen?”

“More often than I’d care to admit.” Greg shrugged again as they entered a small park in the center of the Old Port. “There he is.”

Doug looked over and saw the old man sitting on a park bench, slumped over as though he were sleeping.

“Thank you for the company, Greg. Your company has been,” He paused, “thought-provoking.”

“That’s the idea.” Greg said winking at him. “I’ll see you around, I’m sure.”

Doug watched as Greg walked up the street. The conversation left him with so many questions that his brain felt like it was on fire. His mind hadn’t been so stimulated by a conversation in years, but he still had his goal to complete, so he walked over to the Old Codger and sat next to him.

“Good morning, sir.” Doug said to the man as he touched his shoulder.

“What- Who- Don’t rob me!” The man replied jumping up out of his seat.

“Easy now. It’s alright. I just wanted to give you some coffee.” Doug said as the man started coughing violently.

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