Write One Page Per Day – 92/365 – April 2, 2018

Continued from Write One Page Per Day – 91/365 – April 1, 2018

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“Oh!” The old man said, “Sorry about that. It can get pretty unsafe out here sometimes.”

“This coffee is cold now. You want to come over to Starbucks?” Doug asked, pointing to the other side of the park where the familiar signage stared down at the people passing by. “I’ll buy you a hot coffee and some breakfast.”

“That sounds good.” The old man said as he struggled to get off the bench.

Doug walked slowly with the man as he shuffled his way to the coffee shop. He kept muttering under his breath, and Doug couldn’t really understand what he was saying. Once inside, Doug paid for the black coffee and the breakfast sandwich the man had wanted before they sat at one of the tables in a tucked away corner of the shop.

“So can I ask you something?” the old man asked as he opened his sandwich.

Doug nodded, “Of course.”

“Why did you come looking for me?” He asked.

“I don’t know really.” Doug admitted. “You had asked me for spare change a few days in a row and this morning I stopped and got you some money, a coffee, and a scone from my usual place. When you didn’t show up today, I thought something may have happened to you.”

“I appreciate it. Not a lot of people have cared about me over the years. I suppose it boils down to a life wasted when there is nothing gained.” He shrugged before he bit into the sandwich.

While the man ate, Doug stared at him. He seemed familiar to him, though he couldn’t place where he knew the man from, but he accepted that he never knew any homeless people before, so he probably had seen him with a sign on a corner somewhere.

“That was delicious. Thank you, Doug.” The old man said before he froze.

Doug also froze. He hadn’t told the man his name, yet he knew it. He took a second to let his mind catch up as the man looked guiltily out the window.

“How do you know my name?” Doug asked.

“I’m your father.” The old man replied. “Just stay and I’ll explain.”

The end?

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