Write One Page Per Day – 93/365 – April 3, 2018

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Part 1 – The Script

Jeff’s phone vibrated in his pocket for the fifth time during his meeting. The vibration, while quieter than his ring tone, was still audible to those closest to him. Gerry, his boss, shot him a look of concern and mouthed the words ‘is everything okay?’ to him. He nodded in response and pulled his phone from his pocket to see the same caller ID as every other call he’d received since Friday night.


The word stared at him as if taunting him. He pressed the power button to silence the phone and put it back in his pocket before refocusing on the meeting. He left his hand on his phone so if it rang again he could silence it faster.

“In conclusion, the new software will revolutionize the way that calls are handled, both in efficiency and customer satisfaction.” The presenter finished resulting in underwhelming applause.

“Thank you, Frank.” Gerry said rising from his chair. “And thank all of you for coming to this meeting. I hope you enjoyed the presentation! Please keep your eyes open for memos with updates on the progress of the new software roll out.”

Everyone in the room moved at once, trying to get out of the room for some fresh air. The fourteen other managers exited in front of Jeff, but Gerry cleared his throat to get his attention and motioned for him to stay in the room.

“Is everything okay, Jeff?” He asked once the door was shut. “First you were late this morning, and then you seemed a little distant at the meeting.”

“I got a flat on the way in today. I had to leave you a voicemail, I assume because you had already come to set up for this.” Jeff replied, as his phone began vibrating in his pocket. “One second.”

Jeff pulled the phone out and saw the caller ID said ‘unknown’ so he pressed the cancel button.

“Was that important?” Gerry asked.

“All weekend my phone keeps ringing. It’s an unknown number. The first few times I answered and all I could hear was breathing on the other end so now I just send it to voicemail.” Jeff replied.

“You think someone’s playing a prank on you? You know April is right around the corner and some of the guys in this office are in it for the long game.” Gerry said.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Usually their pranks are cheeky and fun, this is just creepy and annoying, and if it continues, I’m going to change my number.” Jeff responded.

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