Write One Page Per Day – 95/365 – April 5, 2018

Continued from Write One Page Per Day – 94/365 – April 4, 2018

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Jeff walked to his office with the package Cindy had given him, the address label seemed regular enough, but there was no return address anywhere on the envelope. He pulled the tab across the top to open it, looking inside just as he made it to his door. As he turned the envelope to look inside his cell phone began vibrating again.

“Enough is enough.” He said as he stormed into his office, tossing the package on his desk, and pulling out his cell phone once more to see UNKNOWN CALLER once more.

He pressed the answer button as he screamed, “Stop calling me!” and hung up.

He walked around his desk and barely sat down when the phone began vibrating again. He saw the UNKNOWN CALLER again, and threw the phone across his office, smashing it. The phone stopped vibrating.

Jeff sat there feeling the rapid beat of his heart in his ears. He realized he was hyperventilating, and focused on his breathing to calm himself. He stayed like that for a few minutes until his breathing was mostly under control. He didn’t like losing his temper.

His office phone rang. He looked up and stared at the phone on his desk, thinking at first that it was whoever was calling his cell, but dismissed it as nearly impossible. He reached over, took a deep breath, and pulled the receiver to his ear.


“Keep it safe.” A voice replied.

“Excuse me.”

“Don’t let them get it. They will-” They said as the line went dead.

Jeff shook his head as he put the receiver down slowly. He looked to the package on his desk and saw that a smaller, personal envelope had slid out of the package. He reached over and picked it up when he saw a postmark and address on it. It felt thick, and a little heavy for an envelope.

It had a Canadian address on it to a company called Logistical Professionals in Quebec. He tore the envelope open to find that there was another envelope inside. This one looked as though it had been through a rough trip.

The new envelope was covered in dirt and had been clearly mishandled by whatever mail agencies had gotten their hands on it. This one also had an address on it. It was his home address with a stamp that read ‘Received Undeliverable’ in red ink on it.

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