Write One Page Per Day – 96/365 – April 6, 2018

Continued from April 5, 2018

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Jeff pulled the letter opener across the top of the envelope and pulled a thick mass of paper from it. Within the stack he found a letter and a handful of pages that looked aged and decayed.

Dear Jeff,

It has come to our attention after nearly a century of protecting several artifacts in our stores that they, as well as the rest of our collection, are in danger of being seized and destroyed by another organization.

Please find enclosed some materials that must be preserved. We have tried contacting via phone for months now, but have found that most of our contact information for you is inaccurate. It is of the utmost importance that you do not let them get to these pages! They must be preserved at all costs!

We are sending the materials to you via another company to indirectly contact you as we do not want to alert anyone to your location or existence. We would not wish to bring you, or those close to you, harm in any event.

I pray that this letter reaches you intact.

You are truly a brave soul for taking these items.

Where the signature was on the paper looked as though someone had shed a tear while signing it and quickly shoved it into the envelope, making it unreadable.

Jeff turned to the few pages of the script contained with the letter, the last page catching his interest:

The Stranger in Moonlight                         ACT II., SC I


The image of the moonlight bathing the stranger
in radiant glow fills my mind. Though he is gone,
his presence can still be felt.

Those who came for him did so in the day, while he
was removed from us. They are the thieves of life,
the hounds of hell, and the spawn of darkness.

They will know the Queen’s wrath for their betrayal.
For they know not what they have taken from this world.

Jeff put the letter, along with the script pages back in the envelopes and set them on his desk. Confusion washed over him as he considered what he had just read. Some kind of group of people were in danger and the things that they kept safe were being sent to him?

“What the hell is happening right now?” He muttered to himself, pulling the letter out to go over it again.

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