Write One Page Per Day – 98/365 – April 8, 2018

Continued from April 7, 2018

#Writing #Fiction #IndieAuthor

Jeff drove to the bar, his mind buzzing with thoughts of what could be the culmination of the evening. The beginning of a relationship with Cindy. He found parking was available just outside the bar on the street. He prayed silently to the parking gods, thanking them for the spot.

“Jeff!” Cindy called, running out of the bar as soon as he emerged from his vehicle. “I’ve been waiting for you!”

“I’m here.” He said, trying to sound nonchalant about it.

“Well, come on!” Cindy said as she grabbed his hand and led him inside.

Greg was at a Pac-Man machine already, his cheeks were flushed, telling Jeff that he had already done a shot or three. Kevin, the manager of accounting was playing a tournament fighting game on one of the big screens, and based on his expression was winning. There were also a handful of people from other various departments scattered around playing games.

“So many people from work.” Jeff said, “Did you invite them all? Greg usually only invites a few of us.”

“I invited them!” Cindy beamed as she led him to a booth where a man was sitting, “I wanted everyone to meet my boyfriend, Steve.”

The words out of Cindy’s mouth hadn’t registered to him at first. Boyfriend? Steve? What the hell is she talking about?

“Hey man.” The man at the booth said, nodding to him, “I’m Steve. It’s nice to meet you.”

Jeff’s heart sank to his stomach and he felt sick. The thought of her having a boyfriend already hadn’t crossed his mind, but she was a catch, so it made sense. What didn’t was the image of the man in front of him. He was wearing sweat pants, a over-sized jersey for some sports team, a flat-brim cap, and he had a chin strap for a beard.

Jeff watched as Cindy slid into the bench next to the man, who promptly put his arm around her. Here was a picture that looked wrong on so many levels. The fun, quirky, smart, beautiful, and talented Cindy, sitting next to a pompous, arrogant, stoner with no ambitions or goals. He looked like the kind of guy one would expect to see on television for sleeping with underage girls.

“Don’t just stand there, silly! Sit down! Hang out with us! I know you’ll love him!” Cindy beamed as she tucked herself into his chest in a hug. “Just like I do.”


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