Write One Page Per Day – 100/365 – April 10, 2018

Continued from April 9, 2018

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The next day, Jeff left for work at his usual time, hitting the usual traffic, grabbing breakfast at the same coffee shop, but he felt different. He couldn’t get the vision of Steve and Cindy out of his mind. He felt sluggish and off-balance.

As he pulled into the parking lot of the office he saw six police cars sitting outside with Greg, hung over from the night before, standing outside.

“Jeff!” Greg called running up to him as he parked his car. “There was a break in last night! Can you believe it?”

“A break in?” Jeff repeated. “Who the hell would break in here? It’s not lie we have cash sitting around or anything.”

“The police need to speak with you. It looks like it was mainly your office that’s been destroyed.” Greg said as they walked toward the front of the building.

“My office?” Jeff asked before remembering the letter. He felt a weight in his stomach. It wasn’t some prank. Whatever, whoever, was trying to get to him had brought the attention of whatever group was mentioned in the letter.

“Jeff Bezose?” An officer asked when they got closer to the door.

“Yes, sir.” Jeff replied.

“I’m Officer Hank Thurgood. Would you mind answering a few questions for us?” He asked.

“Sure.” Jeff said.

Jeff spent the next two hours going over everything he could remember about the letter and the pages from the play, and though the police checked his desk drawer, where he had left them, they were unable to find them. The officer looked at him suspiciously after that, clearly not believing anything he was telling them about the letter.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Bezose.” The officer finally said as he closed his notebook, “We’ll be in contact with you if we think of anything else we might need to know.”

Jeff nodded and walked back to Greg, who was sitting in his car at this point.

“You may as well come out to Arcadia with me.” Greg said, “They said it’ll be another few hours before we can go in the building. Security will make sure that everything gets locked up, though it looks like the locks are useless now.”

“I could use a drink.” Jeff said before he walked around the car and got in.

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