Write One Page Per Day – 101/365 – April 11, 2018

Continued from April 10, 2018

Part 1

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Part 2 – The Amulet

Jeff drove with Greg in silence to the bar once again. It didn’t matter to him that it was just past noon. He had received a package containing a letter stating that he would be shipped items to keep them safe from someone else. He couldn’t think of who either party would be, or why they thought he had volunteered to safeguard whatever it was they would be sending him, but clearly it was serious.

The bar was dead, as is expected on a Tuesday in the early afternoon. Even the bartender was surprised to see them walk through the door.

“Good afternoon, gents.” The bartender said as he wiped down the bar. “What brings you in so early today?”

“Hair of the dog.” Greg said, saddling up to a stool.

“It’s been a day.” Jeff said as he took the one next to him.

“So what’ll it be?” The bartender asked.

“I’ll have a bloody mary.” Greg replied.

“Water for me, please.” Jeff said.

“Coming right up.” The bartender said, giving Jeff a judgmental look.

“What’s wrong, Jeff? It’s not that bad.” Greg whispered.

“The letter I got.” Jeff reminded him. “It said that the people trying to get the items they were sending me were dangerous. Now that letter, along with the few pages of the play, are gone. The police are looking at me like I’m a suspect, and you still think it’s probably a prank.”

“Hey! It’ll be alright. This is probably just a coincidence. Stuff like that only happens in books and movies. It’s probably just one of those services that string you along for a goof. You know the ones.” Greg said.

“Here you are.” The bartender said as he placed the bloody mary and the water on the bar in front of them.

Greg nodded in thanks but Jeff didn’t hear him.

“Hey, are you alright, man?” The bartender asked.

“Huh?” Jeff said, snapping out of his daze. “Oh! Yeah. Sorry. My mind’s all over the place today. Thank you.”

Jeff took a sip of his water as he watched Greg down half of his drink. The image of his office was still running through his mind when he suddenly thought of his house.

“I have to go.” Jeff said rising from the bar as he pulled his wallet. “I’ve got to make sure nothing’s happened at my house.”

“What? No! You’re fine, Jeff. It was just the office. It’s not a big deal.” Greg protested.

“Thank you for the water.” Jeff said as he placed a five dollar bill on the counter. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Greg”

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