Write One Page Per Day – 103/365 – April 13, 2018

Continued from April 12, 2018

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A light knocking sounded at the front door, startled Jeff out of his thoughts. He rose and walked to the door, assuming that the police officer out front wanted to speak with him again.

Jeff opened the door to find a small package sitting on the stairs. When he picked it up, he noticed it only had his name written on it. There was no address or postage to make the delivery possible.

With the package in hand, Jeff walked out of the house and looked around for signs of whoever delivered the package. Only the birds in the trees in his neighborhood could be heard.

When he looked in the police car, he found that the cop had fallen asleep and was snoring loud enough to be barely audible through the glass.

“Figures.” Jeff muttered as he turned to walk back across the yard.

He looked up and down the road, checking for anything out-of-place on the street as he realized he was probably holding something from the original senders. He rushed back inside his house, shutting and locking the door behind him. His pulse raced as he brought the package deeper into the house away from any windows, settling into a walk in closet.

Once satisfied that he couldn’t be spied upon from outside, Jeff tore into the package. Inside the box was another envelope, but much larger than the first. He opened it and pulled the contents out onto a small shelf.

A playbill, a newspaper clipping, and a small burlap bag sat before him.

He read over the playbill, seeing that it was for the play pages that were now missing from his office he picked up the article. It referenced some strange occurences outside of a local theater that dated back to the mid-eighteen-hundreds.

“This doesn’t make sense.” He said, shaking his head.

He opened the small bag and dumped it on top of the playbill. A small triangular amulet affixed to a black necklace landed heavily on the shelf. On the face of it was a strange symbol that resembled writing, but was completely unreadable by him.

His phone rang in his pocket, making him jump. He looked at his phone once it was out of his pocket to see UNAVAILABLE staring back at him from the screen.

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