Write One Page Per Day – 109/365 – April 19, 2018

Continued from April 18, 2018

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Part 3 – The Statue

Jeff went to his closet and threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt, ensuring that the amulet was tucked inside, and the note was in his pocket before the police arrived. He had so many questions, and, so far at least, only one source for answers, Mario.

“Is anyone in the house?” A voice called from downstairs.

“I’m up here,” Jeff yelled as he moved to the top of the stairs. The cop had his pistol in his hands as other police officers streamed through the down stairs.

“Are you hurt? Are the people who broke in still here?” The cop asked.

“No, I’m fine. The men that broke in left a minute ago,” He replied as he walked down the stairs, “Where was the officer that was supposed to be out front?”

“What officer?” The cop replied.

“Officer Henkles. He was stationed outside my house since the break-in at my office.” Jeff said.

“There’s no Henkles that I know of,” the officer replied, “can you come outside with me?”

“What is going on? Officer Henkles was assigned to watch my house. His car was right there, full uniform, badge, car, everything.” Jeff said once he was outside.

“Was this Henkles guy wearing a Portland Police Department uniform?” The officer asked.

Jeff nodded. “With a car that looks just like yours,” he said, pointing to the cars sitting out front.

The officer stared at Jeff for a moment.

“You say there was a break-in at your office?” The officer asked.

“Yeah! That’s why Officer Henkles was assigned here! Whoever broke in only raided my office. The people I talked to told me to be careful, that whoever it was that broke into my office were likely to break in here.” Jeff said beginning to pace around.

“I’ll be right back. Wait here, please.” The officer said. He walked to one of the cars and got in.

Jeff watched as he spoke into his radio. He couldn’t hear what was being said, but the officer began writing in his notepad quickly.

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